RestroZap – Restaurant Business Digitalized!

RestroZap, the restaurant online ordering software, offers the digital edge to create a compelling online presence for your restaurant, giving your customers a happy experience while ordering their food online and skyrocketing your sales!

RestroZap proudly serves 50+ Restaurants in the US, and the number keeps growing!

RestroZap Restaurant Online Ordering Software – For the restaurants that care about their customers!

RestroZap, the restaurant online ordering software gets your restaurant online, gives your customers a happy experience while ordering their food online, and at the same time, triggers your restaurant sales to skyrocket.

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Hassle-free Setup

RestroZap, the best restaurant online ordering software with a simple and easy setup process, ensures that your restaurant is online – complete with the options to manage your menu, order settings, delivery zones, holidays, and other custom features - in no time!

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Well-crafted Features

Get more for less with RestroZap restaurant online ordering software, packed with customizable features like web based food ordering system, online food order management system, kitchen display system, delivery POS system, food delivery management system, EPOS system for takeaway, delivery plus the innovation of analytics, marketing, and technology support.

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Strategic Innovation

RestroZap, the restaurant online ordering software maximizes the value of the customer data with its meaningful insights to plan and effectively respond to your customer needs while boosting your sales.

How does the online ordering works with RestroZap?

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Integrated Ordering with payment
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Managing Customer Orders in Restaurant

The RestroZap Advantage

RestroZap Restaurant Online Ordering Software is a Game Changer for Restaurants

Many restaurant orders can be managed with RestroZap

Taking Large Orders is Easy!

Messing up large orders is though very common; you do not want to do that! With RestroZap’s food ordering software for restaurants, you can save yourself from taking down wrong orders. Even your customers are in no hurry to browse your menu online and take time while ordering using RestroZap. You can even recommend popular combos virtually with certain types of meals.

Scaling Up Efficiency is Easy!

Using the RestroZap restaurant order management system, you can save time wasted on the phone as everything is recorded online, and there are no chances of forgetting. Your customers can be happy to get what they want. RestroZap restaurant ordering software makes your business more efficient.

Monitoring every task in a Restaurant
Processing orders in easy way

Order Processing is Easy!

In the case of the manual method of taking orders, you need to cross-check with the customer whether the order written down is correct or not and then ask for the address and enter other information. RestroZap, the best restaurant ordering software, saves you from complex actions and tries to make the process easy. Using RestroZap, customers can just fill in the boxes and enter their payment information before clicking "Place Order," and the order is placed and ready for you to process.

Keeping Customers Informed is Easy!

Don't you think it's a bit tiresome to inform about the latest meal added to your menu card over and over again? What if the customer wants to order the usual, despite hearing you speak for 3 minutes about the latest offers? RestroZap restaurant order management system can save you once again! Customers who want to try new deals can place orders accordingly, whereas "it's usual for the others."

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