Restaurant Business, Simplified!

RestroZap restaurant online ordering software gives users an unparalleled experience when they use it for the first time, leaving them with a "want-to-use again" feeling! It comes along with exciting features well-crafted by keeping in mind the various perspectives of Restaurant businesses. You don't have to be tech-savvy; even a non-specialist can use RestroZap like a pro, made-possible by user-friendly interfaces.

All the features in RestroZap can be managed by turning on/off from the back-end Admin portal. You can easily make changes instantly and update settings, prices, changes all independently.

RestroZap Features

Top-notch Features Custom-built to Reap Benefits

Ordering Website

RestroZap online food order management system runs restaurant ordering utterly online, so you can earn more. Get your restaurant online and take complete online orders from your customers via a website or mobile.

Promotions Posting in Home and Menu Pages

RestroZap, the best food ordering software with its unique restaurant promotion facets, offers a scope for multiple color themes and layouts, which lets your restaurant showcase offers and discounts on the Home and Menu pages.

Customizable About Us and Contact Us

RestroZap's customizable about us and contact us feature lets you manage content for about us and contact us pages; however you want, as and when needed

Kitchen Printing

With Kitchen Printing, print orders directly in the kitchen as you receive them. Also, with RestroZap’s cloud kitchen POS system, you can have orders printed on more than one printer to ensure better coordination or control.

Menu Management

RestroZap, the online menu ordering software, offers menu management that lets you customize your restaurant's menu, where you can adjust color and layout settings to match the design of your restaurant.

Ratings and Reviews

RestroZap restaurant online ordering software embeds human emotions into its food ordering system to let you manage Ratings and Reviews so every customer can be sure and feel delighted about the food they order.

Allow Orders Based on the Distance

Food tastes good when it is fresh and piping hot. So, RestroZap food ordering software allows food orders based on distance and lets you configure the delivery radius for orders to your restaurant.

Coupons & Discounts Management

RestroZap restaurant online ordering software generates discount coupons and configures them freely. In addition, it simplifies the creation and redemption of coupons and discounts applicable on the orders.

Configure Loyal Customers

Configuring loyal customers lets you configure criteria to select loyal customers eligible for coupons, discounts, and promotional offers on various orders at your restaurant.

Customer Support

RestroZap restaurant online ordering software ensures a secure and intelligent way to get your restaurant online with excellent features and incredible customer support in engaging customers and gaining loyalty.

Fraud/Suspicious Orders Detection

Fraud/Suspicious Orders Detection is another unique feature of the RestroZap, which lets your restaurant configure rules to detect suspicious orders and other frauds.

Dashboard and Analytics

The Dashboard and Analytics feature strengthens advertising efforts and offers personalized discount codes to customers resulting in the restaurant's sales skyrocketing

Kitchen Display System

RestroZap restaurant online ordering software is integrated with the Kitchen Display System (KDS) for an easy-to-read display of all orders on a single screen, which helps handle takeaway orders quickly and accurately, enabling better, organized, and quicker service.

Dine-in Table Reservations

The Dine-in Table Reservations feature will allow customers to book a table of their choice in advance by browsing the seating view of the restaurant.

Promote Your Restaurant

RestroZap’s distinct templates of emails, sms' let your customers and prospects know about the kind of food you serve, exciting discounts that you offer, and the value you give to your customers.

Order and Pay at the Table

With the Order and Pay at the Table feature, customers can order and pay for their food comfortably and directly from their seats through their smartphones.


RestroZap's intelligent chatbot interacts with customers on behalf of your restaurant, clears queries, walks through the table booking process, shows the contact details, etc.

Walk-in Order

Take advantage of RestroZap's Walk-in Order feature, which lets your customers order while visiting your restaurant.

Upcoming Features

Explore the newest features which are in the pipeline and will be available with the further versions of RestroZap.

Multi-Language Support icon

Localization/Multi-Language Support

Who would not love something which is presented in their native language? RestroZap soon brings you Localization/Multi-Language Support on the online food ordering and delivery software, where customers can choose and order their favorite food using their own language, helping your restaurant connect with diverse customers.

Delivery App icon

Delivery Boy (Web & Mobile)

The soon-to-coming Delivery Boy service shall include receiving food orders for delivery from the restaurant through RestroZap’s personalized website and its mobile application, making RestroZap a complete online food ordering and delivery software.

Customer App icon

Customer App (Web & Mobile)

As more and more people identify mobiles as their primary device, and if your strategy is to target those steadily increasing mobile screens, we are soon introducing a sophisticated Customer App, online food ordering, and delivery software. It gives you more productivity while providing value to customers, ensuring customer loyalty, maintaining mobile communication, and optimizing overall efficiency.

Apple Pay icon

Apple Pay Integration

RestroZap soon integrates Apple Pay with its POS system with online ordering to provide more convenience to your customers. For example, whenever your customers visit your website or app for food ordering, they can automatically select the affiliated card instead of the customer's default card using Apple Pay. Also, you can adjust prices and other terms of sale for customers using the affiliated card.

Rewards Redemption icon

Redeem Points

Redeem Points is yet another feature of RestroZap which showcases the real potential of your restaurant’s customer loyalty program. Of course, being part of a loyalty program that earns multiple loyalty points on every food order sounds excellent for a customer. Still, the real fun and value of the loyalty program are realized when your restaurant customers can redeem those earned loyalty points for meaningful rewards.

Group Orders icon

Group Orders

Group Orders is another exciting feature that your customers would cherish as it makes food ordering for your team/group easier. From team lunches to client meetings, anyone from the team or group can share the purchase link and invite them to add their specific order, and the food arrives just in time.

Phone Orders icon

Phone Call Orders

As many customers would like to rely purely on the Internet, some customers still prefer and insist on placing food orders over the phone. Utilizing our Phone Call Orders feature allows you to process your orders without increasing your costs yet producing higher customer satisfaction.

Point of Sale icon

POS System (Cloud Based)

Our cloud-based online restaurant POS deployed as SaaS food delivery software further increases your restaurant sales and provides high-quality customer service and enhanced security.