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RestroZap PoS System for Restaurant –For Better Control of Your Restaurant Business!

RestroZap’s cloud-based online PoS system for restaurants, deployed as SaaS food delivery software, increases your restaurant sales and provides high-quality customer service and enhanced security.

How RestroZap, the best PoS system for restaurant, helps in the active management of your Business?

RestroZap’s best PoS system for restaurant improve operations and other critical business elements of a restaurant as it provides restaurant owners with a range of industry-specific functions where you can track everything; most popular menu items, restaurant sales, cash flow, and food inventory.

Quick & Seamless

RestroZap restaurant PoS software is so quick and seamless that it can streamline your restaurant’s activities, saving time processing orders and money due to potential human error and customer loss and keeping you organized.

Safe & Fast Checkouts

RestroZap’s best PoS system for restaurants with a secure payment processor enables your business to adapt to modern payment processing methods like accepting credit cards and allowing customers to use their tap-and-go cards or functions like Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Fraud/Suspicious Orders Detection

RestroZap PoS ordering software is enabled with the Fraud/Suspicious Orders Detection feature, which lets your restaurant configure rules to detect suspicious orders and other frauds.

Order and Pay at the Table

With RestroZap’s PoS system for restaurants, customers can order and pay for their food comfortably and directly from their seats through their smartphones.

Configuring Loyal Customers

Configuring loyal customers from RestroZap PoS ordering software lets you configure criteria to select loyal customers eligible for coupons, discounts, and promotional offers on various orders at your restaurant.

Distance-based Orders

Food tastes good when it is fresh and piping hot. So, RestroZap’s PoS ordering software allows food orders based on distance and lets you configure the delivery radius for orders to your restaurant.